This project overall, was a collaboration of Manchester’s architecture and Indian block prints; my final print portrayed an outstanding appearance of texture, line, pattern and meshing of the compositions.

The following are images and designs from drawing process at the beginning of the projects, created and inspired my a installation of ‘collected and found items’, using a variety of traditional drawing materials.



I incorporated some stitch developments of my work, using linear compositions.


The dyeing and printing process during the experimental phase allowed me to discover which fabric, dyes and dye mixes I was going to use in my final print. I first experimented with dyeing a range of fabrics, specifically Linen, Silk Twill, Silk Georgette and a variety of thick and thin cottons. I held each of the fabrics in the different dye baths for either one second, five seconds, ten seconds or thirty seconds. I completed my final print on fabric Silk Twill, held in the grey dye bath for 10 seconds.

After dyeing a previous favourite sample of the Silk Twill, I decide to do the same on my final print in the same timespan. I then printed over the top with 50/50 Indalca Paste and Ecotex Binder with a mix of the White Pigment, and then once steamed, washed and dried, again with Manutex and Procion MX Black. I decided to print with these dye mixes on the Silk Twill as it showed the greatest amount of detail, enhanced my print where it needed to be enhanced and expressed its true potential.


What I would have differently before my final print process would have been to have essentially developed my compositions and drawings for my screen a little bit more. However, I am really happy with the offset of the black on the white print, as this enhances the detail and suggests a shadow effect. The repeat of my pattern has an extremely desirable use of light and dark tones.



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