Thought Processes…

I have been working with delightful designer Zoe Murphy in Margate, who I’ve previously interned with, in order to gain some business skills, motivation to get my ass in gear in regards to the brand I want to create based on who I am and what I love, and to actually get some content on my blog based on this.

MimiFrizzles is a summary of my personality. Me: an enthusiastic explorer, obsessed with world cultures, whom wishes to translate the findings on my travels into handmade pieces of art, textiles and fashion. A quote from Janelle Monaé, a woman I strongly admire, heavily relates to who I am also: “I’m a storyteller who wants to tell untold, meaningful, universal stories in unforgettable ways. I want to do it all, study it all and find my place in it.”

I want to visit every corner of the world, devour every inch of its history and culture, and be influenced by the personal stories and knowledges of their own traditional crafts. I then want to create drawings, paintings, prints etc. from the inspiration gathered.

My final year graduate collection, which I am currently in the research stage for, will be the leverage between my university practices, to the brand I hope to create; MimiFrizzles.

As well as posting here the in-depth stages and processes I experience through my graduate collection, I will be also posting onto my Instagram @mimifrizzles, quick snapshots of my work.

My twitter is @mimifrizzles also, and feel free to email me at


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