Combing O Palácio de Sintra

My parents own a villa in a little aldeia near to Sintra, and we usually explore our surroundings whenever we go. However, this trip was little more memorable as my sister was 9 years old and actually wanted to do a lot of walking for once. Me and her wandered into Sintra to visit the little market shops, go for lunch and visit the palace.

Now, I was not expecting what I did find inside. The palace exterior is painted bright white and creamy mustard yellow, has very regal concrete stairs with a fountain opposite, below the arches into palace. As exquisite as it is, it does not truly represent what you are gonna find inside this beauty.DSC03853.JPG

The palace, which has a very colourful history, contains royal chandeliers in most rooms (expectedly actually), but on some walls  there are Spanish-influenced and china blue tiles, patterned tapestry rugs on the floor, ceramics and architectural erosion.


The Swan Room In 1484, King Joāo II granted permission for this room to be held as the location for the Espírito Santo Festival for local residents.



Coat of Arms Room







Here are some of my drawings and paintings from the visit and inspired by my photographs:



Although these two drawings (layered over each other) are rough sketches from the Coat of Arms room, they really remind me of Antonio Gaudi’s work and I may look further into his work located in Barcelona, as it will most likely have Spanish tile within too.


I really love painting the tile patterns with watercolour as watercolour creates such a nice effect of light but also of the delicacy of the tile.


So, even though I have done my own interpretations of the things I have seen during the Palace of Sintra trip, I have found more interpretations of a contemporary style on Pinterest:






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