My last two projects at university…

As I was a busy bee, I never updated mimifrizzles with my projects. My first project at university was called ‘Getting Into Print’ and you can see this project a few posts down, however I never put ‘Pattern & Repeat’ and ‘Fabulous Technicolour: British Raj’ on mimifrizzles, my second and third (final) projects.

Pattern & Repeat:

My approach to the project was to collaborate Manchester’s architecture and India’s block prints together; my final print portrayed an outstanding appearance of texture, line, pattern and meshing of the compositions.

The dyeing and printing process during the experimental phase allowed me to discover which fabric, dyes and dye mixes I was going to use in my final print. I first experimented with dyeing a range of fabrics, specifically Linen, Silk Twill, Silk Georgette and a variety of thick and thin cottons. I held each of the fabrics in the different dye baths for either one second, five seconds, ten seconds or thirty seconds. I completed my final print on fabric Silk Twill, held in the grey dye bath for 10 seconds.

After dyeing a previous favourite sample of the Silk Twill, I decide to do the same on my final print in the same timespan. I then printed over the top with 50/50 Indalca Paste and Ecotex Binder with a mix of the White Pigment, and then once steamed, washed and dried, again with Manutex and Procion MX Black. I decided to print with these dye mixes on the Silk Twill as it showed the greatest amount of detail, enhanced my print where it needed to be enhanced and expressed its true potential.

What I would have differently before my final print process would have been to have essentially developed my compositions and drawings for my screen a little bit more. I also believe I should have made a decision on my final fabric sooner, as this slowed me down. The fabric I needed was from the university shop, which was shut when I made the decision. During the printing process, I realized my fabric was not as wide as the actual print, therefore around 10cm of my print has been cut off. If I had ensured my fabric was wide enough, this could have been resolved. Finally, my time management should have been a bit more organised, as I felt rushed attempting to complete my print before the print room closed but thankfully this is not evident.

I am really happy with the offset of the black on the white print, as this enhances the detail and suggests a shadow effect. The repeat of my pattern has an extremely desirable use of light and dark tones.I really wanted to work into my favourite prints from printing week, so I completed the research further on in my sketchbook.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 13.11.44

Final Print: Black Manutex layered over White Discharge on Hand-Dyed Silk Twill Fabric.


Fabulous Technicolour: British Raj

Upon being given the project theme, I was extremely excited, as I have always had an interest in Indian textiles, art and fashion. My particular favourite Indian designer, Manish Arora, is extremely famous for his Indian contemporary garments, which involve over-decoration of beading and patterns. My starting place for inspiration was the Victoria and Albert Museum and British Museum in London. I looked at everything relating to India between the British Raj time period (Late 19th Century – Mid 20th Century) and discovered jewellery, sculptures, fabrics, furniture etc. and got a strong feel for the traditional yet growing culture.

Throughout the project I began to learn the crossover between Britain and India also and how they strongly influenced and reflected upon each other. My strongest inspiration for this was a book titled ‘The Last Empire’ which is a collection of photographs from the British Rule. From this book I enjoyed looking at interiors, archways, architectural ruins and palace/imperial objects. My drawings began to develop from simple ink, pencil and marker drawings to my own personal style, incorporating influences from artist Cate Parr also, which then created beautiful watercolour compositions.

Once the drawing process was complete, I then experimented with my drawings and designs on Photoshop. I enjoyed doing this as I could make the colours I had created even brighter and manipulate my drawings accordingly. It was during this process I decided I was going to focus on the interiors side and create the cushion and wallpaper piece. I looked at imperial wallpapers and furnishings as well as contemporary versions to influence my final designs. I wish that my final extended collection incorporated so much more of my personal style, as my final choices were influenced by a visiting tutor who was concerned that my pieces were either too ‘precise and typical’ or ‘too busy’. However, I added to my extended collection with the dye sublimation process, creating watery/inky paint lines over my work.

For my final cushion piece I used an ink design and manipulated the colours within it on Photoshop, then I composed repeats of it to create different shapes and sizes all pieced together. The ruffles on my final cushion consist of digitally printed text; with extra text dye-sublimated over the top and it reads ‘GOD SAVE OUR EMPRESS OF INDIA”. I visualise my cushion as a decoration on a wooden swinging chair (preferable painted navy to allow it to stand out) and I discovered this inspiration from Urban Outfitters. My final wallpaper is constructed through manipulated colours and crafted textures to represent old/cracked walls with a contemporary twist. As it has the chandelier central, the background (the oranges, pinks and navy blues) would be repeated to create mural style wallpaper with the chandelier central on the wall. I am very delighted with my final cushion and final wallpaper but wish I had more time to add extra beading and embroidery to the cushion to represent over-decoration and busy-ness.

If you would like to see any more images from my work contact me at🙂


Santiago Del Teide

As you all know, I am currently in Tenerife, Spain and today I ventured up to the top of the volcano! After a 3 hour coach trip, a bumpy cable car journey and a spout of altitude sickness, I got to the top of the volcano and I must say, it was offing awesome. Me and my boyfriend took a 40 minute walk up a random path round the volcano and saw sulphur fields (which, I’ll be honest, smelt bloody bad), a sea of clouds and a never-ending sight of the rest of the volcano. I would thoroughly recommend this adventure, and make sure you take comfy shoes to walk over rocks in!

Dolphin & Whale Excursion in the Atlantic Ocean…

A 3 hour boat ride into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Puerto Santiago, Tenerife. On the voyage we saw the Pilot Whale and the (…) Dolphin. We even saw a Pilot Whale Mama and Baby, who wasn’t too happy we were having a nosy at her tiny baby. These animals are so majestic and loyal to their pods/families they live in. Once we had seen the whales and dolphins, we ventured to the edge of the volcano where we saw a rock bombarded in crabs, and had a snorkel in a little cove where the water was so clear and had so many fish! One of the best days of the holiday I must say🙂


Knutsford May Day

Comes round once a year; you can guarantee I’ll be there!

A brilliant day to spend with my boyfriend and friends in the pubs and bars of Knutsford and to have a go on the fairground 💥


Summer begins…

So, my first year at university is finished and I must say, it has been such an amazing year💥

The life of a fashion and textiles student is a challenging one- having to keep the motivation and rhythm going when creating and designing, balancing a job, trying to stay fit, sitting in the studio for 8 hours and having to eat rice and veg for dinner because you’ve just spent £160 on fabrics is a lot to take in when you’ve not lived away from home before (especially 225 miles away). But this experience could possibly be one of the best things that happened to me; I have learnt so much about myself, who I am and what I love (particularly in the fashion and textiles world). 

This summer I will be posting everything I do, everything that inspires me, and also my personal work. I have been set a summer project which will be connected to this blog and I will keep you guys updated with it also. 

I am looking to start selling my own work, whether that be one off pieces, paintings, fabrics, fashion pieces etc. and will soon be posting a site that these will be available from🎨

My second and third project at uni I will post up here so you guys can see how far I’ve come and how much I still have yet to achieve. 

If you are interested in my work or even want to have a chat, email me at 😊 

From Dover to Calais ⛴

Me and my boyfriend had an amazing adventure from Dover to Calais 💑 We had only been to Dover to explore two weeks before when we decided to come back and venture to France. 

When we arrived we ventured up the White Cliffs for a stroll and checked in to our hostel at about 9pm. The hostel was bloody awful but it was a bed to sleep in before we got up at 6am(!!!) the following morning. We then got on our ferry and headed for Calais. Here’s some pictures of our trip: 

The dreaded hostel room.



First university project: an exploration of Chatham’s Historic Dockyard                                                          



The first project began with a series of drawings completed on location (Chatham Dockyards). Drawings were to be developed and manipulated to go towards designing our first print compositions. For this, we created our own screens and exposed our designs onto them. We also had to look at recent shirt designs and templates and also trending colours of the season. Once we printed onto cotton which we could dye and manipulate as we pleased, we then had to create a ‘shirt template’ from our printed fabric, which was to be our final outcome.

During the project, we were also introduced to pattern cutting techniques, dart manipulation, seam allowances, and bias cutting. Through this process we completed a shirt toile, adding hems, various types of seams, buttonholes, darts and a collar.

A smooth achievement after a bumpy road…

After 3 (tough) months at university, I have finally settled in and begun loving living 224 miles away from home. The past three months have really helped me to discover my passions and my identity; I’m so excited to see how I’m feeling after the next following 5 months.

The one thing I can tell someone who is about to study a fashion/textiles degree or is about to live miles away from home (from my own experience): keep your head screwed on and approach every day with a positive outlook. It is hard, but achievable.

The first project was the toughest for myself. Especially as I have not completed a foundation degree; I went straight into higher education. So, finding my artistic ‘penmanship’ was a struggle at first, however much confidence I had in myself beforehand. This has taught me that no matter how far you know you have come, there is still so much more to learn and discover- which is only thrilling. (I will be posting some images of my first project to illustrate the movements within a textile project).

My second project, ‘Pattern & Repeat’, is possibly the best project I have ever begun in my four years of doing textiles. I will post further on in the project to show my development, however, the outcome will consist of a roll of my own fabric, with my own printed repeat pattern.

To be successful at a textiles project, your eyes have to constantly be wandering, looking for the latest shape, pattern, colour, style, and even the not-so extravagant things but that can still be amazingly inspirational.

And so the new chapter begins…

Rochester, Kent is officially my new home for the next 3 years, university begins! Rochester and the town next door (Chatham) are such beautiful places, both being old-fashioned towns containing tiny churches built in 1038 etc. etc.

At university (UCA) I am studying Fashion Textiles: Print. I received my first project at university yesterday- Getting Into Print. Go follow my new Pinterest board which I will be adding to daily!

I will also be blogging on here at least a couple of times a week now as my life is truly beginning and I’m not just working all summer #livingthedream